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SMS for Salesforce

An SMS Solution Integrated with Salesforce | Chicago Yacht Works

Industry: Maritime Recreational Watercraft

Location: Chicago, IL

Project: Salesforce Text Messaging Solution



Chicago Yacht Works is a marine dealership firm that sells, buys, and provides services for new and pre-owned boats.

Chicago Yacht Works is Chicagoland’s only marine facility offering year-round bow-to-stern service as well as a dealership, storage and the region’s only accredited power boating school.


The services team needed an SMS solution that integrates with Salesforce and enables direct text communication with customers. Their goal was to reduce delays in communication and increase response rates in time-sensitive scenarios such as scheduled boat deliveries.


The solution needed the following capabilities:

1. Send Outgoing Texts

2. Send Bulk Text Messages

3. Send Automated Messages

4. Allow for the creation and utilization of Text Message Templates

5. Receive Incoming Texts

6. Send Auto-responses to Incoming Text Messages

7. Track Text Message History

8. Take Ownership of Messages 


Based on their requirements, pricing, features, ease of use, and ease of implementation, LogicSpree recommended that Chicago Yacht Works partner with Textey.

LogicSpree worked with Textey to install and configure the application according to the needs of the Chicago Yacht Works services team, then led training to drive effective usage of the tool.

LogicSpree is the only Atlanta-based Salesforce consulting firm that specializes in Sales Cloud support for small and mid-market businesses. As a team, we help organizations standardize sales processes and automate sales tasks that align with their sales strategy

Textey builds apps for the Salesforce platform. The company’s core focus is enabling text messaging solutions that allow customers to adopt this preferred mode of communication into their day-to-day business processes.

Texting SMS in Salesforce


Chicago Yacht Works has seen an increase in service delivery efficiency because of quick, coordinated communication between Service staff and Chicago Yacht Works customers. 

On average, Chicago Yacht Works has 282 conversations with their customers per month. These conversations range from pricing inquiries to delivery schedules to general customer service questions.

Chicago Yacht Works has also decreased response times by leveraging Textey and LogicSpree to implement automatic text messages based on customizable office hours.

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