Who We Are

LogicSpree provides small and mid-market businesses with the ability to simplify and scale Salesforce.

We are the only Atlanta-based Salesforce Consulting firm that specializes in Sales Cloud support for small and mid-market businesses.

As a team, we help organizations standardize sales processes and automate sales tasks that align with their sales strategy.


LogicSpree is also dedicated to bridging the Digital Divide - the gap between those with ready access to computers and the internet, and those who do not.  We are committed to providing resources and labor to organizations that align with this mission in the Greater Atlanta Area.


John R. DeShazer


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Adam Cope

Salesforce Specialist

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Jean Whalen

Operations Coordinator

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Kari Waters

Technical Editor

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Zijian Peng

Salesforce Specialist

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1250 Parkwood Cir SE, Unit 1103

Atlanta, GA 30339 USA

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