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Who We Are


Salesforce can be complex. The cost of complexity? Sunk licensing fees, missed sales opportunities, and dissatisfied customers.

We understand these costs and have developed a reputation for transforming the complex into the simple and converting the simple into success.

LogicSpree is the only analysis-driven Salesforce professional services firm that specializes in Salesforce success for small and mid-market businesses.

Our Vision

Be #1 in delivering 5-star experiences for Salesforce customers


Make Salesforce simple for small and mid-market businesses



Our foundation is built upon integrity and professionalism.


Our momentum is maintained by curiosity and decisive action.


Our success is determined by the coordination of our collective skills and knowledge.

John R. DeShazer


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Josh Beck

Senior Salesforce Strategist

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Kari Waters

Technical Editor

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Jean Whalen

Business Operations Manager

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Zijian Peng

Senior Salesforce Specialist

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Alexander Boza

Delivery Manager

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Adam Cope

Salesforce Specialist

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