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 LogicTest for Salesforce 

The LogicTest is an analysis of your Salesforce environment and an assessment of your Salesforce utilization.  This will empower you to scale Salesforce with an analysis-based strategy.

During the LogicTest, we will investigate the following areas:

  • Business Process Alignment

  • Salesforce Feature Utilization

  • User Adoption

  • Data Quality

  • Security



  • Interview(s) with business leaders

  • Workshop to review Business Processes

  • Offsite review of the system (access to production org)



  • Delivery of recommendations and an improvement strategy

The LogicTest is best for organizations that want to:

  • Drive adoption and increase the ROI impact of Salesforce

  • Manage and measure Customer Success within Salesforce

  • Leverage with new releases or emerging technologies, such as Salesforce Lightning