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Speaking with Students about Salesforce: Georgia College - Sales Management Course

Georgia College: Sales Management

Earlier this year, LogicSpree’s President, John DeShazer, had the opportunity to speak with students in a sales management capstone course at his alma mater, Georgia College & State University. As the culminating experience of a student’s education in their chosen major, the capstone is an essential part of preparing college seniors to begin their careers.

DeShazer’s background and expertise made him an excellent resource for students on the cusp of entering the workforce. Not only an alumnus of the university, DeShazer was in fact taught by the same capstone professor, Dr. Renee Fontenot. His career began in sales, shifted into sales operations, and eventually led him to technology consulting. Like many young professionals, his path was at times circuitous, a fact which students found more heartening than not; DeShazer offered reassurance that it is often necessary to explore several different fields before finding the perfect fit.

The focus of DeShazer’s speaking engagement was to increase students’ understanding of CRM software and business-related technology careers. LogicSpree, which provides small and mid-market businesses with the ability to simplify and scale Salesforce, is the pinnacle of DeShazer’s hard work and industry proficiency, and a prime example of how business and technology intersect. The presentation explored a myriad of subjects: B2B vs. B2C commerce, pipeline management, KPIs, and then, specific to DeShazer’s field, Salesforce and the career opportunities that can present themselves with its mastery.

LogicSpree demonstrates how organizations can rely on consulting firms to make the most of their investments in Salesforce and other CRMs. The focus on small and mid-market businesses gives LogicSpree the chance to connect with their clients as they help standardize organizations’ sales processes and automate sales tasks. A company like LogicSpree can alleviate the pressure on managers to learn the ins and outs of Salesforce on their own, while allowing DeShazer and his colleagues to advise on best practices for driving sales and productivity using the CRM.

DeShazer encouraged his audience to get ahead of the curve by completing trainings, earning certifications, and doing research, all before even submitting that first job application; his own experience has proven that these kinds of proactive efforts can help illuminate an appropriate career path, provide knowledge about the multitude of possibilities that exist in the business world, and even help promote the freedom and creativity needed to forge a new path unexplored by anyone else.

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